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31 May 2007 @ 04:37 pm
I'm terribly sorry I haven't been around; the last few days - even before the Strikethrough started - I was awfully busy. I'll be updating the master list this afternoon.

Feel free to keep on with the meme.
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25 May 2007 @ 05:17 pm
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Authors! Feel free to out yourself in this post, if you want to!
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After ketsumetsu's idea (and many other fandoms joining), I present you with:

The CLAMP Kink Meme.

What is the Kink Meme, you ask? It's simple.

1. Comment in this post ANONYMOUSLY, requesting a KINK FIC.
2. Leave a comment to said comment, also ANONYMOUSLY, fullfilling the KINK REQUEST.

That's it! There's no word-limit at all! It can be as long as a drabble or take several comments to be answered. It can be any kind of kink, let it be a popular kink or a kink that, so far, only you seem to like. Anything goes! There can be more than one kink in the given request, but there HAS to be a kink - although it's okay to give a specific pairing, the main idea behind this is to request and fulfill kinks.

Here Is a List of Fanfiction Kinks, Tropes and Clichés, by eliade, if you're not exactly sure what is your kink, or even if you want to find some other possibilities.

Not-really-rules, more like guidelines.

- ANONYMOUS! It's part of the fun for this! It's perfectly okay that, once you've written the request, you post it somwhere else, but when you comment here, do so anonymously, please.

- If you comment with a pairing, please also provide the specific fandom. Let's not forget that with Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHOLiC around, just the name of the characters might not be enough.
    EXAMPLE: Syaoran/Sakura, bloodplay. It can be either Card Captor Sakura characters OR Tsubasa Chronicles, so it'd be easy to get confused.
    Instead, prompt it like: Card Captor Sakura, Touya/Yukito, food-kink.

- Pairings without a kink will be erased once they're noticed.

- Since this is CLAMP, crossovers ARE allowed, but only with CLAMP series.

- Try to answer requests, too, so that the meme won't immediately die.

- Despite this being anonymous, don't be an asshat, okay? Rules of courtesy still apply. My kink might not be your kink, but let's agree that we both have the right to like what we like.

- Feed the 'mous with feedback so that they come back with more fic!

- THIS ISN'T A PAIRING-REQUEST MEME. Yes, asking for pairings is okay, but try to keep specifications about it at minimum, unless it's a clarification of the kink.
    Example: X-1999, Fuuma/Kamui - Kamui remembers when everything was fine. This reads more like a pairing-prompt than for a kink. Instead try for
    X-1999, Fuuma/Kamui - vanilla sex/frottage/handjobs.

Feel free to pimp this anywhere and everywhere you may like! The more the merrier! ♥